GNG Systems Ltd.
Industrial Information Systems and Electronic Controls
GNG Systems design and manufacture a range of industrial quality electronic equipment for a wide range of  manufacturing applications .
GNG Systems have a product range but also design and develop products for clients to meet their specific technical requirements.  
GNG Systems offer a PLC Programming Service that supplies clients with a fully supported and detailed programme for machine control.   
GNG Systems  engage in designing and building complete control cabinets to meet clients requirements.
We export and support our products worldwide, with agents in the USA, Europe, South Africa and Australasia.
Count Check Module CCM1 GNG Systems Ltd.

Production monitoring displays
Electronic system product design
Data collection hardware
Control systems design and programming
Recently installed:
Eleven large 8 inch production monitoring displays have recently been installed at a major printing site in the UK. Each display unit shows the delivery speed of the stitching machine as it is running and then switch over to show the down-time in hours, minutes and seconds when the machine is stopped.
Production management believe they have already seen the payback in increased production as a result of more staff being aware of the immediate status of the machines.
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Count Display Module - 8 inch digits
Production Monitoring displays

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