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Industrial Information Systems and Electronic Controls
Keep track of production progress at a glance.
This large format display has a “roll-over” that allows up to five data sets to be displayed on the one unit.
The “roll-over” may be set to automatic with a few seconds between each data set or manually by pressing a switch locally to move the data set on.

Overview of CDM:

Signal Inputs and Outputs:

All inputs common isolated  NPN or PNP (sink or source) 24VDC 5 mA.

3 count inputs, designed to count pulses of less than 100 micro seconds at a rate of 100 cycles per second from proximity sensors or count sensors.

9 control inputs, designed to monitor switch and relay conditions as controls to the counting process.

3 signal outputs, designed to drive alarm beacons or Sounders.

Display detail:

Gross Count Display: 7 digit red LED display “far view” design, 96 mm (3.5”) high .

Net Count Display: 7 digit green LED display “far view” design,  96 mm (3.5”) high.

Multi Function Display: 7 digit amber LED display “far view” design, 96 mm (3.5”) high.

Count Display Module - 4 inch digits






Unit Detail:

Unit size: 65 x 20 x 5.3 cm

Supply: 110/220 AC, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA

Weight: 10 Kg (22 lbs)


Serial communication by  RS232/RS422 (selectable) .

Network TCP/IP option to view unit display data on networked personal computer screens and remote data logging.

Count Display Module