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The Display Data:
CCM 1 Installed on a single web press in Philadelphia USA
CCM 1 Installed across five web presses in Yorkshire UK
CCM 1 suspended by eye hooks and chains from roof support beam.
Picture shows connectors and eye hook.
CountCheck Module

In any Web Printing business, accurate counting is essential to prevent lost production and unnecessary waste.

The problem is, how do you know you are counting the overlapped stream into the stacker accurately?

The solution is now easy: The Count Check Module constantly monitors and displays the accuracy of your count.

A simple bar graph indicates over-counting or under-counting situations in real time giving the operators a chance to correct delivery problems before they become expensive.

Large, clear displays show the gross and net counts, as well as a multi-function display for Speed, Waste, count error drift, run time and downtime.

Make sure all the presses in your plant are running efficiently – at a glance!

CCM technical detail:

Signal Inputs and Outputs:

All inputs common isolated  NPN or PNP (sink or source) 24VDC at 5 mA.

3 count inputs, designed to count pulses of less than 100 micro seconds at a rate of 100 cycles per second from proximity sensors or count sensors.

9 control inputs, designed to monitor switch and relay conditions as controls to the counting process.

3 signal outputs, designed to drive alarm beacons or sounders.

Display detail:

Gross Count Display: 7 digit red LED display “far view” design, 96 mm (3.5”) high .

Net Count Display: 7 digit green LED display “far view” design,  96 mm (3.5”) high.

Multi Function Display: 7 digit amber LED display “far view” design, 96 mm (3.5”) high.

Bar graph Count Integrity Display: Tri-Colour single line display.

Unit Detail:

Unit size: 1080 x 542 x 56 mm (42.5” x 21.3” x 2.2”)

Supply: 110/220 AC, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA

Weight: 10 Kg (22 lbs)


Serial communication by  RS232/RS422 (selectable) .

Network TCP/IP option to view unit display data on networked personal computer screens and remote data logging.


The bargraph indicates counting errors as they start to occur. These may result from an optical or mechanical shingle counter trying to read overlapped copies.





CountCheck Module Gross and Net counts

Gross Count (red display):  The total number of products manufacture during the current run.

Net Count  (green display):  The number of good products to be shipped.





Function Display:

  1. Waste:  Difference between Gross and net counts
  2. Speed:  The number of products delivered per hour.
  3. Sample Error:  The number of products, counted by Gross but not by Net during a continuous good run, indicating a problem with counting the product.
  4. Time: Hours:  Minutes: Seconds. Clock indicates time running or down time.


Count Check Module