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CCM  Count Check Module:
High visibility multi-display unit for monitoring and displaying count accuracy at a glance. This unit has appealed to the printing companies when applied to tracking count errors and losses on shingled copy delivery between the folder and stacker.
Eight distinct data sets can be displayed on the one unit.
A bargraph displays error trends in real time, indicating immediate errors as well as longterm trends.
Three outputs allow alarms to be raised when errors are detected.
Although there is a standard data set assigned for this unit the data set (algorithms) can be changed to suit customer specific requirements.
CDM  Count Display Module:
High visibility single 7 digit display unit for monitoring and displaying count data at a glance.
E.g.: Gross, Net, Batch, Speed, Time Elapsed etc.
Up to five distinct data sets can be displayed on the one unit and cycle either automatically every few seconds or manually by a push button switch.
CDM Variants
Take a look at the range of variantions available.
Assembled from the modular circuits of the CDM,  variants are available to suit bespoke applications.
As many as eight displays may be driven from the one control board and assembled back to back, side by side and/or mounted vertically on a production board
variant on Count Display Module - 4 inch digits Count Display Module CDM 4 inch characters Count Check Module CCM1
CDML  Count Display Module Large Format:
The CDML display is maximises the visibility of shop floor information. The digits are 8 inches tall and clearly spaced.
Production data such as gross, net and batch totals, run-time, down-time, the rate of products per minute or per hour.
The data can be collected by this unit and displayed clearly over a distance of 100 metres or more.
The unit has data collection inputs which allows it to gather signals and counts from the shop floor machines.
Data can be sent to or received by this unit from data management systems with the addition of a software interface over a local network.
Count Display Module - 8 inch digits
CDML Variants
A range of variations are available.
Assembled from the modular circuits of the CDML, variants are available to suit bespoke applications.
Production boards are designed and assembled to suit the customer’s requirements
Full production board for Count Display Module - 8 inch digits Interface to divide signal by 1 thru 10 Interface to conrol input signals for PLC/data collector Netcom 2 Interface from RS232 to TCP/IP

Signal modifier interfaces

Getting the signal from the sensor to the PLC or data collector can require some clever electronic interfaces to ensure that the signal is always counted accurately.

We have designed a range of DIN rail mounted interfaces that will ensure the accuracy of your data collection.

Network interfaces

Connecting serial communication devices such as barcode scanners, weighscales, printers and other such peripheral devices to your information management system is now so much easier with the Netcom2.

The Netcom2 connects to the serial device and places it on your local network at an IP address of your choosing.

Variations include 5, 12 or 24 volt DC supply, RS232C, RS232 TTL, RS422